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Technical data:

◆ Adopt DPLL digital phase-locked loop multi-channel frequency synthesis technology and noise automatic control technology (with pilot frequency);
◆ Use UHF600MHz~0MHz frequency band to avoid interference frequency;
◆ Brand-new energy-saving mode setting, automatic EQ control function, automatic tone correction, automatic switch mode, automatic infrared frequency system,
◆ Dual microphone design, two people can sing at the same time handheld microphone invisible antenna,
◆ The true diversity receiving circuit ensures continuous speed within the effective distance and eliminates dead spots; the use of high-gain antennas effectively widens the use distance of up to 100 meters and has a complete input and output interface, which is convenient for connecting various devices;
◆ Use high-frequency surface acoustic filter to filter out-of-band interference signals;
◆ High-frequency circuit design with double frequency conversion, with high sensitivity;
◆ Voice compression and expansion circuit, greatly improving the signal-to-noise ratio, unique voice compressor design, the singer will not crack the sound when singing hard;
◆ Any microphone and any receiver in this system can be connected to the frequency, which solves the shortcomings that fixed frequency microphones are not universal, and is suitable for multiple sets of products to be used in the same occasion;
◆ High-fidelity sound, unique interference noise suppression function;
◆ Using audio compression and expansion technology, the noise is greatly reduced, and the dynamic range is increased;
◆ Independent output and mixed output, can be connected to mixer and karaoke amplifier;
◆ Suitable for public speeches and karaoke performances.
technical parameter:
◆ Working frequency: MHz~0MHz
◆ Modulation method: Broadband FM
◆ Number of channels: 200
◆ Channel spacing: 250kHz
◆ Frequency stability: ±0.005%
◆ Dynamic range: 100dB
◆ Maximum deviation: ±45kHz
◆ Audio frequency response: 20Hz~20kHz (±3dB)
◆ Pilot frequency: 32.768kHz
◆ Comprehensive signal-to-noise ratio: >105dB
◆ Comprehensive distortion: ≤0.5%
◆ Working distance: 100m (under ideal environment)
◆ Working environment temperature: -10℃~50℃


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