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110/220V Mono 200W Subwoofer Digital Amplifier Board


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Note:(1)This subwoofer amplifier board is a real pure bass amplifier with only strong bass output.
Attention Don’t buy it as a so-called (2.1) multimedia amplifier! Thanks.

This is the upgarded subwoofer amplifier boards version. Many buyers recommend us to produce a high-quality subwoofer amplifier board designed for home theater, so here is it.
1.The power supply adopts a high-efficiency half-bridge power supply, with (110)120V and(220) 230V transfer switches suitable for global use, and the power supply margin is quite large, and the ripple is lower than the traditional transformer power supply.
2.The power amplifier output also uses a MOS high-current tube output, which achieves a true 1% distortion of 200W(4Ohms), and the control is amazing.
3.The front stage adopts the current high-tech in the subwoofer industry, using dynamic EQ algorithm, high speed, low diving, and high control. A low-cut is also designed, which cuts all the frequency below 20Hz, and converts the energy to the frequency range of 25Hz-60Hz, which makes people sound endless and full of energy.
5.In addition, this power amplifier board is also equipped with a phase-inverted subwoofer and a closed subwoofer switch, so that each subwoofer can achieve good results. The material is solid, with an aluminum back panel, and almost no bottom noise. It is a rare subwoofer power amplifier board for home theaters.

(1)Subwoofer Amp Board
(1)Power Cable(Optional)


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