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1.About Tube+Transistor Hybrid amplifer
Front tube amplifer and rear transistor combine the advantages of two amplfer circuits to achieve the ideal sound effect and make you immersed in the happy atmosphere of music.

Tube amplifer has its unique tube sound, sweet, soft, warm and listenable voice and good musicality and atmosphere; but its high-frequency transient response and resolving power are worse than that of transistor especially when Transistor listening to symphony.

Transistor has the advantages of large dynamics, high speed, strong resoving power and strong driving force, especially suitable for the songs with large dynamics; but it is not soft enough and its high-frequency sound is sharp and dry.

2.Tube Amplifer

Adopt double 6J1 tube for pre. amp. making voice sweet and exquisite.

3.Transistor for Class-A amplifer

Adopt transistors for class A buffer, output power up to1300mW. can easily drive many kind headphones.

4.Line Out, Can be used as Pre-amplifier
It has one line output, through the tube, and cotrolle by volume. It can be used as the Pre. amplife of all kinds of audio amplifer or active speaker, and improve the sound quality of audio amplifer or active speaker.

5.Enthusiast Capacitance
Adopt the special enthusiast Japanese ELNA capacitance as the coupling capacitance, have transparent and sweet sound.
Adopt the special enthusiast Japanese RUBYCON capacitance as the main fiter capacitance, have smooth and warm sound, and splendid highfrequency.

7.Built-in Mute Circuit
It built-in relay for mute circuit when turn on amplifier to avoid POP noise and make sure the tube is worked at its best condition.

8.Sand blast textured panel, has a simple appearance
Sand blast textured panel and hard aluminum alloy shell are slap-up and can resist external interference effectively.


Power Supply: DC12V/1A
Gain: +15dB
Output Power: 1300mW(32Ω)
Size: 12*7. 8*4cm
THD+ N: 0.1% (1KHz&32Ω)
Frequency Response: 10Hz~60KHz(±0.5dB)
S/N: 115dB
Suitable Headphone Impedance:16~600Ω


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