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  • Features:
    – Internal high-quality Bluetooth-compatible module
    – Can play U disk TF card for music and FM stereo radio,support MP3 music format.(USB+TF+FM).
    – Support microphone interface output.
    – The phone is connected to Bluetooth-compatible and the phone controls the playing of music.
    – Adjustable high and low audio,select different sound effects.
    – Mono,can be connected with tweeter.
    – Can be set,pop music,light music,heavy bass,outdoor play,indoor play,7 sound modes – Pre-professional level input operational amplifier IC for circuit design,sound,transparent, bright.
    – Filtering and anti-large-capacity power circuit.
    – Stable,low energy consumption,power saving,low heat generation,long service life.
    – With remote control,Bluetooth-compatible function,FM/USB/TF read card / radio .
    – Note: Please read the instructions carefully before use.

  • Input Voltage: DC12V/24V/220V

  • Frequency Response: 20HZ-20kHZ

  • Output Power: 25W

  • Impedance: 4 (Ω)

  • Size: 5Inch

  • Distortion: 1%

  • Altoparlante Unit Size: 133 mm

  • Sensitivity: 200 hv

  • Dryness Ratio: > = 85db

  • TF Card Slot Format: FAT32MP3,4G or less

  • Reader U-disk format: MP3 FM

  • Note:
    – Bluetooth-compatible application method: generally in the case of no card, boot the default Bluetooth-compatible mode.
    – Radio Usage: Press and hold the pause button to enter the radio mode.
    – How to use the memory card and U disk: Insert the memory card or U disk at boot, giving priority to default playback.
    – Radio is an additional feature, so you can search for more than one station.
    – Before using radio for the first time, press Pause Auto Search Station for about 3 minutes.
    – There is a memory function for the product playback. After the player is turned on, it can be turned off by default.

  • Package include 

    • 1 x Car Amplifier

    • 1 x Remote Control

    • 1 x DC Cable/li>

    • 1 x Speaker Cable

    • 1 x Power Cable


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